Hopatoo is Hiring a new Shopify Development Expert!

Role Descriptions:

Hopatoo is growing!  Hopatoo has experienced tremendous growth last year and the company doesn’t see this stopping anytime soon. This is a fantastic opportunity to join our Hopatoo team at the ground level.  If you are a driven developer who is looking to grow to be very well rounded and to get in early for potential future career growth opportunities in senior roles or management, this could be the right job for you.  We require a developer to not only take on development jobs but also manage existing/future jobs that are deployed to 3rd party developers. The projects you will work on range from small/medium size. This position will put you at the forefront of scaling Hopatoo and provide endless career opportunities with a growing company.  

At present, you will have the ability to work from home during typical office hours and will require meeting with the team at times during the week in the downtown Halifax core or remotely via video/audio conferencing.



Estimating/Project Management

Other Responsibilities


Send us your resume to hello@hopatoo.com