How To Find a Shopify Niche Using Jungle Scout

Selecting a good product niche is crucial for success on Shopify. In the best of all possible worlds, the products you choose to sell will already be generating a lot of interest online in terms of customers searching for it, and will also be backed by strong consumer demand in terms of strong sales momentum. That’s why a growing number of Shopify sellers are now using Jungle Scout as a research and predictive analytics tool to help them find the most profitable product niches.


Generate a list of potential products


Jungle Scout comes packed with a number of features to help you discover the right products to sell on Shopify. One of the most important of these is “Find Products.” Using this functionality, you can sort products based on factors such as supply and demand. This enables you to create a mega-list of potential prospects. Your goal here is to find products that are already generating a lot of sales momentum online. A web developer for Shopify could then help you create the perfect storefront to sell those products.


Filter products


Jungle Scout also comes with a number of filters, which let you drill down on the types of products with the right selling characteristics for your new Shopify store. For example, you can filter by category, reviews & rankings, or average sales. Thus, if you only want to consider products that get reviews of 4 stars or higher, that might be one way to filter your list of prospects. Your goal here is to filter your mega-list of prospects into a “shortlist” of potential winners.


Check out consumer and competitor trends


The next step is to see which products are benefiting from consumer and competitor trends. With Jungle Scout, for example, you can check out factors like average price and average daily volume. Thus, very quickly, you can determine how much pricing power you have in the marketplace (i.e. what type of mark-up you can charge), as well as how much volume you need to do in order to meet your overall sales goals. Here is where you might want to work with a Shopify expert in order to drill down on the most important product tracking data. For example, a Shopify developer will be able to advise you of potential seasonality issues with products.


Use keyword trends to build optimal product listings


And, finally, there’s one more way that you can use Jungle Scout to find the right Shopify niche. You can use the “Keywords” functionality to find out which search terms people are using to find products. If your Shopify listings can incorporate the most popular search terms, then you can boost the likelihood that customers will discover your products via search.




A Halifax Shopify developer can help you to leverage all of these Jungle Scout capabilities in order to optimize your online selling presence. There’s a good reason why top media publications like Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur have all given high marks to Jungle Scout – if you are looking to make informed, data-driven decisions about Shopify e-commerce, there is simply no better alternative.