How To Scale Your Shopify Business By Launching on Amazon

Many online sellers assume that they must make a choice between selling on Shopify and selling on Amazon. However, thanks to a relatively new integration between Amazon and Shopify, it’s now possible to do both at the same time. It’s all part of Shopify’s efforts to create a multi-channel selling experience for its users.   The process of scaling your Shopify business by launching on Amazon is easier than you might think. You don’t have to be a Shopify expert to add Amazon as a new sales channel – it can be done easily and conveniently as soon as you log into your Shopify account.   While the process of launching on Amazon consists of a number of smaller steps along the way (such as first registering as an Amazon Professional Seller and getting category approval for the products you are planning to sell), it consists of the following three big steps:  
  • Creating Amazon listings for existing Shopify products
  • Syncing inventory tracked by Shopify with Amazon listings
  • Making it possible to fulfill Amazon orders from within Shopify
  The important point to keep in mind here is that Shopify and Amazon are two entirely different selling platforms, so they need some way of “talking” to each other. That’s why the Shopify integration with Amazon is so helpful – Shopify Ottawa has done all the heavy lifting for you and figured out all the coding and programming for the two platforms to share information.   In fact, the Shopify-Amazon integration is so powerful that each of the three steps mentioned above can be done in minutes, and not days or weeks. For example, the process of creating Amazon listings for your Shopify products takes just minutes! Just imagine how much time this would take if you had to enter all the product information manually.   By launching on Amazon, you will become an Amazon seller. That means that, even though all the behind-the-scenes work of converting Shopify product listings into Amazon product listings happens seamlessly, you still need to put in a little work to make sure that your listings are popping up whenever Amazon customers search for products. The more generic your product is, the harder it is to stand out in a crowd. And that means you will need to spend more time managing customer reviews within Amazon and perhaps adjusting your prices or buying sponsored ads to make your products more competitive.   The good news is that there are plenty of guides available – such as “Amazon Selling: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide” by Shopify guru Terry Arsenault – that can help to lead you through every step of the process to sell items on Amazon. You can also hire an Ottawa Shopify agency or Halifax Shopify agency to set up the entire integration for you. They can also advise on how to stand out on the Amazon selling marketplace and reach as many customers as possible. You’ll soon realize that Shopify has made things very easy for online sellers looking to launch on Amazon. Within weeks, you’ll likely see a real boost in your online sales.