Our Shopify Halifax Agency List of Best Shopify Apps You Should be Using!


Shopify makes it very easy to optimize the revenue potential of your e-commerce store via its rapidly growing app ecosystem. There are literally more than 1,000 different Shopify apps to optimize every aspect of the e-commerce experience, but which ones are best for your online store? To help answer that question, here’s our local Halifax ecommerce agencies list of the best Shopify apps you should be using now…

  • Oberlo – For anyone looking to get an e-commerce store up-and-running within 24 hours, the clear starting point is Oberlo. You do not need to be a Shopify developer to use Oberlo’s easy, intuitive dropshipping experience. With Oberlo, you are empowered with many great automated ecommerce tools including the ability to ship, package and track orders.
  • MailChimp for Shopify – Email marketing is still the lifeblood for many businesses, and the easiest way to combine your email marketing with your e-commerce website is with the MailChimp app. With this app, you gain access to the power of a sophisticated robust ecommerce solution – like the ability to target emails based on buying behavior.
  • Facebook Store for Shopify – Just as email is probably already one of your building blocks for growing your customer base, social media can also play a huge role in generating traffic (and potential buyers) for your e-commerce store. With this app, you can highlight your Shopify store items right on your Facebook page. You’re literally creating synergies between your e-commerce website and your social media presence, and that can generate huge spikes in traffic to your site (and that means more sales).
  • Product Reviews for Shopify – Think about the typical e-commerce site experience, and it’s clear why you need to be adding customer product reviews to your site with the Product Reviews app. This is simple e-commerce 101, just like any professional web design services company would advise. Right there, next to every product, you can add customer reviews. Let potential buyers know which products are taking off, and which ones are your bestsellers!
  • Digital Downloads for Shopify – One classic misconception about Shopify is that you can only sell physical products through your e-commerce store. But what about digital e-books? Well, the Digital Downloads app for Shopify solves all that problem. Customers who want to download and pay for your latest e-book or other digital content asset now have a way to do so.

The best part about working with an affordable web design company like Hopatoo is that installation and integration of these Shopify apps can be handled very quickly and effectively. And, given our long-time experience working with Shopify and other platforms as a web design development company, we offer what we consider to be the best website development in Halifax.

Shopify Canada is gaining momentum every day, and thanks to this e-commerce platform’s continual rollout of new website development services, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you will always be able to offer your customers a best-in-class e-commerce experience.