Hopatoo Facebook Group Ground Rules

This group brings together Shopify businesses so we can talk about Ecommerce topics and help each other be successful. We are here to help each other solve problems and share resources tools and more. 

Enjoy the benefits of this group but please review and follow these RULES. We want this to be a community of like minded entrepreneurs, this is NOT the place for promoting your own self interests. 


  1. Post about your company ONLY when you introduce yourself to the group, we have had problems with people being super spammy and not adding value to the group. If you post in your own interest too many times you will be banned from the group.
  2. You are encouraged post articles, useful tools and any other point of interest...do this as much as you want!! (For example: SEO articles, marketing strategies, useful resources, podcasts, anything unique etc.)
  3. Posts are only allowed that are related to Ecommerce, this is loosely defined so be creative ;)
  4. Always add value to the group members in some way, we want this to be an engaging community where we come together and help each other succeed! Call it a Mastermind and lets get successful!! Feel free to invite new members to the group.
  5. Be respectful of others. Use common sense please (to put it simply don't be a dick).
  6. Please flag posts that are against these rules and it will help us keep focused on the value we can provide each other!
  7. We allow sales posts but ONLY on Fridays. This allows for some promotional content but makes sure people don't spam the group and never come back.

Welcome to the group and we encourage you to post and comment as much as you want based on the above guidelines. These ground rules are meant to make the group more valuable for all of us. If you are unsure if what you have can be posted, don't worry just GO FOR IT! (Or send us a message). 

IT would be a great help if you see any posts breaking these rules to flag the post so we can take care of it. Again, feel free to invite anyone to this group and we are looking forward to working/collaborating together with you.